About Us

Hart D'Lacey is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy that was founded in 2003.

Utilising the talents of both interior and graphic designers Hart D'Lacey has been able to offer all round excellence focused on design ideas that influence the mind and promote positive feeling across retail, commercial and residential sectors.

Hart D'Lacey has since grown and expanded in to new territories and, keeping true to its core values and beliefs has forged many long lasting relationships, contributing to the success of a variety of both high street and start-up brands.


Whether forming a space, guiding brand narrative, designing a product or pack, or crafting typography, it’s about enhancing and strengthening an asset through ingenuity and creativity in order to make it strong enough to have visual impact and positive effect.

Good design should create short cuts between elements and an individual’s positive perception.
It’s about unearthing what those elements are, how they look and how they feel.

Our mantra

The moment of truth is when creative thought aligns with client need, ambition, objective and purpose.

Where ideas have a positive and memorable impact and where good design has the power to influence audiences.