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Making the decision to either slightly refresh your brand or do a major overhaul depends on the health of your brand. We often see brands that have been declining over the years, yet are hesitant to implement a review. Today, brands need to continually advance to remain relevant. If you think of your brand as the living, breathing way in which your product or services are brought to life, then to continually evolve makes return on investment sense.

We have penned some thoughts on what might affect the health or your brand, consumer trends and insight and how to get the best out of a brand review. To find out more download the following Brand Gen articles.

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Brand Gen 9
Influencing factors in todays health and beauty industry

How are health and beauty brands evolving to stay ahead of the competition? For more insight download Brand Gen 9.

Brand Gen 8
Diversity - we’re all becoming one another

The Beauty industry is re-thinking how to address various audiences that have previously been ignored. Find out why in Brand Gen Issue 8.

Brand Gen 7
The future of retail banking

Banking customers are searching for trust in uncertain times, will financial brands offer a solution? Download Brand Gen Issue 7 for more.

Brand Gen 6
Luxury branding - Transcending the physical

How do premium brands communicate depth and purpose to connect with consumers? Find out more by downloading Brand Gen Issue 6.

Brand Gen 5
A Growing Industry

In the last six years the men’s grooming industry has grown rapidly from infancy to maturity. Download Brand Gen Issue 5 to find out how.

Brand Gen 4
Working with your design team

Making the decision to refresh your image or do a major overhaul depends on the health of your brand. To find out more download Brand Gen Issue 4.

Brand Gen 3
Embracing technology

The world of retail is changing with brands having to try even harder to engage and communicate with their customers. To find out more download Brand Gen Issue 3.

Brand Gen 2
Reviewing your brand

To succeed and prosper in today's highly competitive, fast-moving world, brands need to be agile to be able to adapt, react quickly and not be immovable. Download Brand Gen 2 to find out why.

Brand Gen 1
Staying ahead of the game

In the old days your logo was your brand, it's a lot more than that now. To find out more download Issue 1 of Brand Gen, an essential guide for any business.