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Igniting brand potential for Engine Health & Fitness.

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Working with GMG on this venture meant that we have been able to influence Engine’s business vision, ensuring its translation through the brand environment, communication material and tone of voice. Primarily, our focus was to provide a strong name possessing the power to guide the brand holistically. Our ideas were based around a metaphor for the human body’s ability to work as efficiently as a machine. Creating a visually striking mark that conveyed movement and dynamism that then informed the overall design aesthetic.


To create an environment that gave members a sense of belonging – an ability to enjoy ‘their’ club. With flexible spaces and tailored services to suit individual needs, Engine should become a place to meet, to discover and to enjoy.


Unlike other more generic health and fitness environments, Engine strives to differentiate. With a less formulaic approach, Engine offers cutting edge technology within an inclusive environment.

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