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Creating an extraordinary ice cream brand for Whipsmiths.

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Whipmiths are a new name on the high street with their innovative way of making ice cream using liquid nitrogen. A new name and identity was devised to better support the ambition of the brand. The name itself is a play on the ancient art of ‘Smithing’, where the use of ‘Smith’ as a suffix implies a specialist or craftsman. The tag line Extraordinary Ice Cream further enforced the key message behind the brand. The business will develop via a franchise operation and as part of this, a prototype shop was created to ‘road test’ the operation and provide a live site for potential franchisees to come and visit.


To create a brand name and identity that underpinned the brands ambition to become a UK high street retailer, whilst thinking about how the brand could stretch into new territories.


Repositioning of the brand to reflect the product range and provide universal appeal to the franchise market both in the UK and in Europe.

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